Victor Cruz rocking his Pray EveryDay Wristband!
 I took it upon myself to reach out to one of my favorite receivers and athletes in the world a few weeks ago, in attempt to get his support with the Pray EveryDay To Expect Results® movement. If you would have told me then, it would lead to him not only showing his support but wearing his wristbands in week 1 of training camp, I would have said "Yea right!". Victor Cruz responded almost immediately and was enthused about the message and what it stands for. Its a blessing to have those that you look up to support you. Victor is not only a pro bowl NFL receiver, but also an entrepreneur. Vic and his buddy Nate Collins who was with the Giants and currently a Chicago Bear, started the clothing line, Young Whales®. Its always great to see athletes use their brains to tackle other avenues and succeed on that path as well. I'll be praying for Mr. Cruz to have a healthy, productive, and Salsa filled season this year!! One last thing, Congratulations to Victor Cruz and Elaina Watley on their recent engagement!!!!!

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