Adrian Peterson rocking the Signature Wristband!
We want to thank NFL running back and Hall of Famer in the making, Adrian Peterson for showing his support. In 2011 Adrian Peterson's amazing career came to a sudden halt.  He tore his ACL and MCL on the way to another phenomenal season. Most players don’t return for at least a year or longer with knee injuries like the one he took. Most players don’t come back better than they were before the injury. Most players get into a state of depression and wondering why it had to be them. This is what separates Adrian from most players. 
            Adrian Peterson was back in 9 months!!! Yes, 9 months from one of the more serious injuries in sports.  Not only did he come back, he was better than before. Adrian went on to have a record-breaking season. At the end of the season, his name was #2 only behind Eric Dickerson, on the NFL single season rushing yards list.
            When asked about his faith and how he overcame his injuries he responded,
“(Through) all the adversity and the hard times I’ve been through, God has always been present. I’ve always prayed to Him and asked Him to give me the strength to endure and to help others and to better understand the situation, or whatever situation I deal with in my personal life. And He has always showed up!”

            I met Adrian Peterson at the Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game in February. It was amazing to see a guy so humble and willing to sign every autograph and take every picture that a fan requested. With two of the greatest players to ever play battling in front of him he still made time for his fans. I was sitting a few seats down from him and decided to make my way over and introduce myself. I was able to give him a few wristbands and he took them and placed them in his pocket. I thought to myself, he’s probably just going to give them away or forget about it but at least I shared the message.  2 weeks later he shared a picture on his personal twitter account wearing the signature wristband! I always take a few extra wristbands everywhere I go to share them with people. I had no idea that day it would be Adrian Peterson but I’m glad it was.
Thanks again A.P, praying for you to have another healthy and phenomenal season!